Kai Tian (innfilly) wrote in boromirlovers,
Kai Tian

Calling All Hobbits!

To the Free Peoples of Middle Earth:

It is now near three fortnights since the glorious conclusion to our beloved trilogy was released for all to see. Since then, most of us have returned to the theatre repeatedly, always in complete awe of what is certainly one of the greatest film creations of all time. As a result of our reverence (or obsession) Return of the King has climbed the charts of movie history, currently standing at a respectable seventh (aprox.). Yet, it has not topped it predecessors, nor its greatest of adversaries (namely, Harry Potter), and sales are quickly declining.

Such as this, I call on all who have previously shown their devotion to once again return to the theatre. For though we bask in the glory of the Golden Globes, the true test is yet to come. As the impending Academy Awards draw near, we would show that our support and love of these films is unfaltering, even as the enthusiasm of the masses fades. Let us make this upcoming weekend, the last of January and the first of February, a weekend to remember.

So gather all Men and Elves, Wizards and Hobbits, Dwarves, Ents, Huorns, Mearas, Eagles; invite even Nazgul, orcs, Balrogs, Dark Lords and the like so long as they are willing to sit in peace and in honour of the Professor that we all love. Whether your call is “Elbereth!” or “Elendil!”, whether you come for the Shire or for Gondor, whether this is your last march or a ride unto glory and the world’s ending, let us all see the movie one last time.

The theatre guard shall take up the call, for the Fans of Middle Earth have returned! Let this message be passed to all, so that we shall have a weekend worthy of song.

Arise, arise, Followers of Tolkien!

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