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New Role Play

A new Lord Of The Rings Slash Role Playing group on Live Journal has began. There or a lot of charters still open for play, and we would love it if you joined. But if your doing to post in the role playing then please don't join.

You can find info on the page by following the link below:

Cast still open is as fallow:

* Sean Astin/Sam (Open)
* Sean Bean/Boromir (Open)
* John Rhys-Davies/Gimli (Open)
* David Wenham/Faramir (Open)
* John Noble/Denethor (Open)
* Andy Serkis/Gollum (Open)
* Bernard Hill/Theoden (Open)
* Miranda Otto/Eowyn (Open)
* Ian McKellan/Gandalf (Open)
* Ian Holm/Bilbo (Open)
* Christopher Lee/Saruman (Open)
* Karl Urban/Eomer (Open)
* Sala Baker/Sauron (Open)
* Brad Douriff/Wormtongue (Open)
* Hugo Weaving/Elrond (Open)
* Cate Blanchett/Galadriel (Open)

*or anyone you can think of*

The Role playing will take place just before filming the Lord Of The Rings to the very end.
If you would like to join please e-mail me at

Thank you.
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