connertiernan (connertiernan) wrote in boromirlovers,

New Lotr Role Play

Hi everyone,

I have made a new role playing group. It is based of a Message Board and is a lot of fun to play on. It is called  Sweet Temptation (Powered by Invision Power Board) It is a role playing group from the Lord Of The Rings. It is different then every other role playing groups out there because this Message Board has two parts to it. One is for role playing the actes of the Films and the other is for role playing the Chars of the films. (Such as Legolas, Aragorn.)

It is a role play based on Slashs (Gay) relationships. So if you don't like that then please don't look at the group. Please read all the rules before joining. If you have any questions please IM me or email me at

Thank you for your time.

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