Val (vaxx) wrote in boromirlovers,

Hi All!

Hello! Just wanted to say hi, being a new member and all... it nice to meet people of a like mind who also think that Boromir is just awesome :)
Every time I tell someone that my favourite character is LOTR is Boromir the response is either "Boro-who?" coupled with a blank stare or "Huh? Why??" with a weird look on their face (Legolas or Aragon fans, all of them...)
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My favorites are Faramir, Boromir, and Eomer. I think that Boromir is awesome and done a wonderful job at playing Boromir.
Sean Bean totally rocks! :) I felt his portrayal of Boromir was spot on. I actually understood and felt sorry for Boromir's character from watching the movie (didn't think much of the character when I read the book)